About the Company

Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o. o. is the biggest manufacturer of the E prestressed concrete electricity poles, EOP light posts, ETG support structures and masts in Poland. The company produces a wide range of pole mount and container transformer stations and a wide selection of accessories and fittings for the power industry.


E-type spun concrete poles

The selection of spun poles manufactured by Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o is very wide. Today, it includes over 80 items. As far as the length is concerned, they are items from 9 to 18 meters in length, available at every 1.5 metres and the E spun poles capacity of 2.5 kN to 35 kN. Pole-top diameters from 150 mm to 308 mm depending od the top force, length and kind of construction. All spun concrete poles are characterized by the same taper of 15mm/1m. The company started to produce spun concrete poles in 2001 and in 2002 received the Technical Approval AT15-5733/2002 for the Spun Concrete Poles Produced from the E, EK, EO, EOP and ETO prestressed concrete. In 2008, following the introduction in Poland of the harmonized EN 12843:2008 standard. Precast concrete masts and poles, the Company obtained the Manufacturing Quality Control Certificate for these products. E-type poles are now manufactured in accordance with the above-cited standard and introduced onto the market according to the 2+ attestation of conformity system and marked CE.
Apart from the poles, our offer also includes a selection of footing components like beams type B60, B80, B90, B100, B150, footing plates U85 and U130 and precast footings type FP with plates which are 120, 160 and 200 cm wide. Each type of foundation is accompanied by an appropriate set of clamps needed to attach the stabs to the footing of the column.

Container transformer stations

The company is the manufacturer of the system of container transformer stations in monolithic reinforced concrete enclosures. A modern production line allows for the production of a wide selection of stations, from the small-sized KSZ stations to large-sized KSW using the SCC self-compacting concrete with the compressive strength of C30/37. The production of enclosures does not involve vibrators and takes place in sealed steel moulds. The reinforced concrete castings are finished with painting and the external plaster in accordance with our customers’ requests. Then they are comprehensively fitted with electrical devices, including the transformer as well.

ETG poles of railway tractions

Pre-tensioned concrete supporting spun ETG constructions are designed for the construction of railway and tramway tractions installed on foundations with screws properly distributed at their ends.
At the bottom, an ETG pole has a steel head with four mounting holes appropriately spaced, depending on the type of foundation and the function of a pole. Above the head, the pole has a shape of a truncated cone with a ring cross-section. The external diameter of the pole decreases by 15 mm per one meter of length, starting at the base. The hole inside the pole has been used to drop traction bonding cables. At the bottom, the earth wire is connected to the head. The head has holes Ø13 for an external earth wire. An ETG pole is fitted with
M8 screwed sleeves for fixing the track axis control signs.

MV Switchboards

Prefabrication of MV switchboards by Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o.o. is the next step in the development of the company aimed at expanding its business on the market of products for the electric power sector. In 2013, new solutions of air-insulated distribution switchboards with the possibility of using them for cable connectors as well as for container stations were introduced.
Switchboards are prefabricated in accordance with the PN-EN 62271-200:2012 standard, and the fields are arc fault protected.
Another MV product of ours enables us to extend the range of our previously offered solutions.

Pole mount transformer stations

Since February 2006, the company Strunobet Migacz Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of fully equipped pole mount transformer stations and power line support structures in any orientation with respect to the MV overhead or cable lines. Basic detailed design documentation of the station is a compilation developed by “Elprojekt” Poznań, which was adopted for general use by the Job Evaluation Workgroup of the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Organisation. Pole transformer stations include the use of new materials and devices as well as new operational requirements which are aimed at simplifying the operation and enhancing safety of the staff and the outsiders. The production of pre-stressed concrete spun poles of high load capacity with the intention of placing all elements of the transformer station on one pole that can take over even the load of a 630kVA transformer. The company produces stations, poles in any configuration, constructions for the overhead LV and MV lines and fittings for mounting the electric railway tractions on ETG posts. At the customer’s request, they are delivered by the company cars, assembled partially or in full.

Reinforced concrete poles

Reinforced concrete poles type ZN comply with all requirements of the manufacturing quality control system, described in Annexe ZA to the PN-EN12843:2008 standard.
After the modernization in 2005, the dimensions of the reinforced concrete polesand the placement and diameters of the mounting holes do not differ from the poles previously produced and commonly used in Poland. Our ZN poles are produced from concrete class C35/45 (in accordance with the PN-EN 2006-1 standard), which guarantees that they have a lifespan of 50 years.

Lamp posts

Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o.o. has introduced onto the market the following light posts: EOP9, EOP10, 5 and EOP12 which are used, among others, to light railway crossings, platforms, streets and squares. EOP posts have a diameter of 150 mm at the top and a thickened base containing a fuse box. EOP posts have a head which is integrated with the post and to which an outreach arm is attached. The equivalent apical force of the EOP poles is 2.5 kN and allows to install single and multi-arm outreach arms in each wind zone in Poland. Standard components of the EOP poles include an aesthetic cover of the head and a “vandal-proof” composite shield for the junction fusebox with a terminal strip to connect the cable line 2x5x35 mm2 with the possibility of installing electrical protection of the fixture. Lighting poles are manufactured according to the conformity system 1 from concrete class C40/50 and marked CE in accordance with the standard PN-EN 40-4:2008. The company offers lighting pole stubs and steel outreach arms made from pipes, which have been galvanized and painted according to a customer’s request.

Pre-stressed concrete masts

Pre-stressed spun concrete masts manufactured by Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o.o. possess high technological parameters and visual aspects thanks to the use of the latest technologies for the production of the pre-stressed spun concrete. In contrast to other solutions, the mould with transverse modulation every 3 meters and an innovative insulation of the mould of the longitudinal joint minimize the number of visible joints. It results in an increased strengths and high resistance to weather conditions, including the aggressive environment.


We also know how important the time and logistics solutions are for our customers. Therefore, we have our own modern and professional motor vehicle fleet, the core of which are Volvo cars. Thanks to it, all our customers are guaranteed the “Just In Time” delivery.

Prizes and awards

High quality of our products and professional management of the company have been recognized by our customers, partners and business institutions. It is best proved by the awards we have received over the past few years. All our products have recommendations of the ASSOCIATION OF POLISH ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS

We are committed to the continuous development of our company. Therefore, our specialists are constantly improving our products and implementing new technologies. Moreover, our search for innovative solutions for this sector has been supported by our long-term cooperation with the Institute of Civil Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology.

Today, our latest product catalogue is at your disposal. It will provide you with a full range of our products and contact details. It will certainly prove to be a very useful tool in your everyday work and an efficient source of information concerning different solutions for the power industry.