EOP-type lighting rods

EOP-type lighting rods

Certificate of Conformity CDP-1488-0118/W

Lampposts are produced form C40/50 concrete and marked CE according to the PN-EN 40-4:2008 standard. An EOP lighting pole is used for lighting: streets, roads, parking areas, industrial plants, railway facilities and tractions powered by cable lines. They have high technical parameters as far as the types of materials used in the process of production are concerned (cement, steel, aggregate). The most important technical parameters include: easy and aesthetic installation of the outreach arm
Ø 48 mm, frost resistance, planned residual life of 50 years, low water absorption, exposure class XC4, XD3, XF1 according to the PN-EN 206-1 standard.

Standard fittings of a pole include the following:

  • Head which allows to fix an outreach arm
  • Cable connector end with a five-terminal bus bar
  • PT-ST/1 connector cover
  • Head shield

Head of an EOP-type lighting post

Shield of the head of a post

Connection diagram, example: ZS-1
for the TN-C network system

ZS pole connectoro


  • In enter the number of protections (fittings) maximum 4
  • Type and size of protections must be agreed with the manufacturer

Clamp of an EOP outreach arm

Connection diagram, example: ZS-1
for the TN-S network system

Detail “a”

Assembly details

Assembly details


  • The outreach arm in item 5 should have the length of W < 150cm
  • Item 11 is to be chosen based on reproducible solutions from the catalogues of overhead LV lines or LV isolated lines published by PTPiREE – Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Organisation
  • It is recommended that the weight of the fitting in item 9 be less than 17 kg, and the wind-exposed surface
    area A < 0.20m

Examples of light posts hardware

Examples of the EOP pole foundations

Outreach Arms

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