ETG railway traction posts

Approval of the POLISH STATE RAILWAYS Energy Office [Polish: PKP POLSKIE LINIE KOLEJOWE S.A. Biuro Energetyki] No. IEN2c 5520/41/11

Pre-stressed spun ETG support structures are designed for the construction of railway and tramway tracks mounted on foundations with the bolts properly spaced at their ends.

At the bottom, an ETG pole has a steel head with four mounting holes appropriately spaced, depending on the type of foundation and the function of a pole. Above the head, the pole has a shape of a truncated cone with a ring cross-section. The external diameter of the pole decreases by 15 mm per one meter of length, starting at the base. The hole inside the pole has been used to drop AFL 95mm traction bonding cables.2. At the bottom, the earth wire is connected to the head. The head has holes Ø13 for an external earth wire. ETG poles have M8 screwed sleeves for fixing track axis control signs

Spun technology makes it possible to obtain smooth outer surface of the poles and a high degree of compaction of concrete. It guarantees the lifetime of many years (over 50 years) without routine maintenance, provided concrete class C40/50 is used.

ETG poles of a railway traction

There are three symbols that have been
adopted as trade symbols for marking
the poles

ETG-1, ETG-2 and ETG-3.
The letters stand for the following:
E- spun electric poles,
T – traction poles,
G – poles with a head.
The numbers denote functions of the poles, and refer to:
1 – intermediate poles,
2 – overlap poles and midpoint anchor poles,
3 – anchor poles.

ETG poles are manufactured according to
PN-EN12843:2008 standard and marked CE.

Advantages of pre-tensioned concrete
poles type ETG and ETHw:

  • Easy and quick erection and dismantling
  • Lifetime of many years without routine maintenance (similar to pre-tensioned piles)
  • Resistance to deterioration
  • Streamline shape (circular cross-section)
  • Easy installation of pole hardware (with the use of clamps)
  • Two points for the installation of track axis control
  • Besides mounting traction lines, there is a possibility of simultaneous mounting of other lines (such as trackside power supplies)

Head of an ETG pole

ETG poles parameters

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