Stations and Posts

Technical description:

3.1 Basis and subject of the compilation.

The basis of the study is the contract between “Elprojekt” – Poznań and the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Organisation concerning the specification of the unified MV/LV pole mount transformers and the minutes of the meeting of the Working Party for pole mount transformers of 8 December 1993, as well as the memo from the meeting of the Party herein of 1 March 1994. The study was adopted for general use by the Working Party of the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Organisation on 12 October 1994. The subject of the study are new generation MV/LV pole mount transformers, which take into account the use of new materials and devices as well as new operational requirements aimed at simplifying the operation and increasing the safety of the staff and the outsiders.

3.2 Pole mount
transformers’ scope of operation

The stations are designed to supply power to customers in rural, urban and residential areas and small scale industries from overhead or cable medium voltage 15 kV or 20 kV. Overhead power supply can be made from ​​AFL 6-35 (50,70) conductors or insulated conductors with a cross-section of 35 (50-70) mm2. Different transformers without an oil expansion chamber and the power of up to 250 kVA, or transformers of 400 kVA can be used at the station. 630 kVA transformers are permitted in new solutions. The support structure of the station is adapted to perform limited functions of a dead end pole for MV and LV power lines.

3.3 Basic Technical Specification:

Rated voltage:

  • 15/0,4 kV; 20/0,4 kV, 30/0,4 kV

Voltage of insulation:

  •  20 kV

Power supply of the MV side:

  • bare conductors AFL 6-35; 50;(70)
  • isolated cable conductors  35;50;(70)
  • with three-core cables
  • with single-sheath cables
  • with single-core cable in insulation
  • and a small polyethylene sheath

Power of the transformer:

  • standard up to 250 kVA
  • 400 kVA
  • up to 630 kVA-max. power of the
  • transformer 2500 kg

Type of poles:

  • E-type spun pre-tensioned concrete poles


  •  post insulators LWP 8-24, LWP 8-24S,
  • LWZ 8-24
  • suspending insulators LP 60/5u, LP 60/8,
  • CS70AA20, CS70AA30, HASDI, SDI

Degree of security level:

  •  0º; 1º; 2º; 3º;

Type of soil:

  • medium and weak

Type of footing:

  •  in a bored opening
  • excavated, ring well
  • slab footings

Climatic zones:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and areas of increased hoarfrost

LV circuits:

  • overhead with bare or insulated
  • conductors
  • cable circuits

LV Switchboard:

  • fused load break switches
  • distribution panel box on the station
  • cable distribution panel box on
  • the footing near the station.

Type of the station, power and weight of the transformer.

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